Area: 405m² (4,359 sq ft).

In the noble zone, qualities impossible to achieve today:

  • 17th century Ancient Castilian doors made of solid wood, impossible to find today.
  • Smooth walls with plastic paint.
  • White marble floors.
  • Huge ceiling to floor windows that integrate the rooms with the garden.

This area is designed for receptions at the highest level.

With the finishes described in the previous tab, it is made up of the impressive entrance hall that gives access to a Library, to a huge lounge and a stately dining room.

These spaces are separated by the ancient sliding doors that, once opened, create an impressive huge space.

From the entrance hall there is also access to a Guest Suite.

Finally, this area has a large living room, with large windows that integrate it into the garden and with an ancient French fireplace that gives it great warmth.

NOTICE: the living room will be painted white.

The Service area is designed for maximum functionality, but not disregarding the qualities:

  • Solid wooden doors.
  • Top quality porcelain floors.
  • Completely rebuilt bathrooms with the latest trends in sanitary ware and equipment.

This area is made up of:

  • Updated kitchen with modern and functional design.
  • Service dining room, separated from the kitchen to avoid odors.
  • Independent pantry.
  • Separate laundry room.
  • Large suite for the domestic staff, with a complete bathroom.